Tips on Choosing the Right Bridal Jewellery for the Rockability or Tea Dress Styles


These cute yet chic gown options are generally knee or leg length and have a fullness of skirt with a nipped in waist and generally plainer boddice. These types of dresses look amazing when accessorised with lace, why not have a classic lace cuff made and have this encrusted with Swarvoskis that match your own colour theme. A choker furthermore suits this style of dress, and usually depending upon your headdress, think of the particular ‘two out of three’ rule : either opt for two of the three i. e. earrings and cuff, cuff and necklace or necklace and earrings. All this rule means is that if you have a statement necklace and bracelet, then try several simple stud earrings to see if this is enough to complete your look.

Cameos are going to be huge this year and next, there are some gorgeous Cameos on pure silk ribbon. These not only look elegant but because they are so on trend, they would look lovely for any special occasion after your own big day.

Wrist capping cotton or even lace gloves are also a fantastic item for this style of dress so the wrist cuff wouldn’t really be ideal. There are the other more floaty styles of dress that are simple in design with maybe embellishment around the decreased neckline. I’ve seen these teamed with fantastic hand dyed lace hair vines with vintage wax flowers. The jewellery has been a silver and Marcasite pendant and ear-rings set and Garnet is always the ideal choice. The rich deep red tone is a lovely touch, but for that will something blue, Blue Topaz usually shouts elegance. There are some jewellery units that are extremely good value for money and it is worth looking around for the right set, at the right price. If however you have your own heirloom why not find a company that could integrate this into your bridal jewellery. You will find companies that can take a vintage marcasite brooch and make a beautiful and totally unique headdress and sometimes these can be removed after the day time to be used as a brooch or ladies handbag charm detail. Also you may have a beautiful vintage or even antique necklace or even bracelet and you need to team these types of up with earrings, there are companies who are able to try and locate some choices for a person. All you need do is send a photograph of your pieces and your budget and let them come up with some ideas to save a person trawling through the thousands of websites on the market.

There are gorgeous boleros or angora shawls that would keep the goose lumps at bay a little between the photographs plus between venues. These are easy to personalize and can have Swarvoskis or pearls added without much effort or cost. These can be sent away plus customised for you so all the be concerned and hassle is taken away for you to get on with the rest of your arranging! Here’s more info regarding marcasite necklace vintage check out our own website.

Whatever choices you make, just make sure if feels right for you, and a great secret is to try your jewellery on with your dress and headdress so that you can get the overall feel of your look. You will look stunning!