Low Level Laser Therapy For Pain – LLLT

Lower Level Laser Therapy or LLLT is a medical treatment commonly used to treat pain, joint disorders and some wound healing. It is most often used over joints and nerves. It uses lighted diodes to change the cellular function. There were many clinical testings that show that LLLT is effective in providing pain relief for all types of problems.

There are many conditions that can cause pain that Low-Level Laser Therapy can help to relieve or even treat. Some of the most common problems it is often used in treating are:

Painful joints
Neck and back pain
Carpal bones tunnel
Rheumatoid arthritis
Chronic back pain
Pain and injury through trauma
Reduces Inflammation
Migraines and headaches
There are many different things that low-level laser therapy is used for but it is most beneficial in the treatment of all types of pain. From a slight nagging pain to the a lot more chronic pain that never leaves you. It has also been approved for treatment of helping to heal wounds and ulcers.

LLLT has also been proven to decrease inflammation. It is useful in the remedies of inflammation of skin conditions such as acne and eczema. Low-Level Laser Therapy has also been used in the treating migraines, hearing loss and even the treatment of some scars.

This type of therapy is furthermore being used for the treatment of hair loss. While it will seem to help some other types of pores and skin inflammation and wounds it is primarily used for the treatment of acute and persistent pain in the body.

While the theory of exactly how low-level laser therapy works has not been officially stated, the light provided off by the lasers during light therapy causes photochemical reactions within the cells that have been targeted. It also continues to be suggested that it helps to control and reduce pain due to increasing the blood flow to the area and lowering the amount of several types of prostaglandin that trigger stress and pain in the cellular material. It also increases adenosine triphosphate within the mitochondria which produces more oxygen. It also produces ATP which encourages relief of painful sensations in the cells.

The great thing about the use of low-level laserlight therapy is that it is painless. It can be used at any time. If you are you looking for more on low level light therapy for hair loss look into our website.
It also provides fast relief for these painful symptoms. It greatly reduces your healing time by providing cell stimulation to increase and promote the healing of cells. It is also fully safe as the level of the laserlight is low so that it can not harm any of the cells that are being treated. It is not toxic, non-invasive and has virtually no long lasting side effects to the patient. Application is extremely easy and very quick.

Treatment with these lasers will depend on your condition. Some people have comfort in as little as one time, while others have to be dealt with 8 to 10 times for the pain to go away or reduce.