Recession Advice – Use VoIP to Make Cheaper Phone Calls

Britain’s largest home phone provider, British Telecom is set to increase its day time call rate to 5. 25p per minute in October 2009, according to a new report from consumerchoices. company. uk. In addition , the cost of a call set-up fee is also set to increase to 9. 05p. While this could be viewed as a cynical move to motivate phone users to subscribe to flat-rate packages (such as BT’s Anytime Plan), there appears to be growing quantity of consumers who are getting wise to the concept using VoIP technology can save all of them lot of money – after all cheap phone calls are an important factor to the lives of numerous domestic and business phone customers.

What is VoIP? VoIP stands for Tone of voice Over Internet Protocol. This is an universal term used to describe the number of strategies that use the Internet and broadband systems to make and receive telephone calls. VoIP technology breaks voice calls into information packets which are transmitted via an Internet Protocol network, more commonly known as a high speed network. VoIP uses your existing broadband network already in place. Therefore there is no need to lay new cables, build new networks or set up new cables or sockets within the house. VoIP providers’ costs are usually kept to a minimum enabling these to offer cheap calls to customers and businesses.

At their most basic, VoIP technologies only need a high velocity internet connection (broadband) to facilitate VoIP calls. They require minimal installation and maintenance. In order to take advantage of the cheap providers offered by VoIP providers, there are a number of options available to you. The cheapest way is to use the PC-to-PC method.
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This involves both users being at their computers and having a head set, a microphone and a speaker. Alternatively, they could use either an USB VoIP mobile phone – a wired phone that plugs directly into the computer via the USB connection – or a ‘soft-phone’. This is a piece of software you can download that allows you to make and receive cheap phone calls again using either an USB telephone or head set and microphone.

The PC-to-PC method is not going to end up being suitable for everyone however there are other a lot more flexible VoIP alternatives. Where the PC-to-PC method demands that both users subscribe to same service and use their computers, PC-to-Phone calls are possible. This allows a PC user to call both landlines and mobile phones. This, however , is not totally free, as the caller is charged for outgoing calls.

Phone-to-Phone calls making use of VoIP technology is the most like intended for like alternative to a traditional landline support. This involves connecting a traditional phone handset into VoIP adapter, which in turn plugs into a broadband router via the spare Ethernet port. Your traditional home phone is transformed into a VoIP phone. Unlimited calls can then be made from your ‘VoIP phone’ to other landlines and mobiles. This method doesn’t rely on either the caller or recipient to be in front of their computers or even for their computers to be switched on. Using this method, the receiver doesn’t have to be connected to the same provider as the harasser to make cheap phone calls either plus calls are made just as they are having a regular landline to landline services.