Christmas Airsoft Ideas: Top 5 Airsoft Pistols

Pistols are really the perfect holiday found. They are some of the most affordable airosft guns, make great beginner guns for new airsofters, and they are perfect for target practice. Even if you prefer sniping, a pistol is an absolute necessary being a side firearm for unexpected CQC situations. Check out the top five airosoft pistols we’ve encountered this year.

WE Tech Total Metal 1911 MEU Hi-Capa Tactical Semi Automatic Gasoline Blowback Pistol

This is an all-new, full-metal M1911 MEU [Marine Expeditionary Unit] pistol through WE-Tech. It features improved internals and a competition-grade metallic slide design that is designed to absorb recoil and increase energy and accuracy without compromising the supreme realism of the firearm. This airsoft gun is comprised of a metal frame and a very comfy, textured hand grip. The particular chamber, safety, slide prevent, hammer, trigger, barrel, are manufactured to the highest quality specs along with reinforced metal. It feels totally like the real deal.

Advanced SRC Full Metal M92 Vertec Gas Blowback Pistol Semi Automatic Airsoft Gun

SRC’s new advanced-series of all metallic SR92s are hands down a few of the very best airsoft gas blowback pistols on the market, and are solely available at Airsoft Megastore. They are SRC’s version of the top notch KJW and KWA M9s and M92s currently available, and is crazy impressive when it comes to power, accuracy, realism, and quality. These full metallic gas blowback pistols uses an anodized surface, ultra reasonable machined aluminum slide plus frame, and single plus double-action trigger. The Airsoft Megastore package includes total metal pistol, instruction manual, magazine, and high quality impact proof carrying case.

KJW Full Metallic M1911 Tactical Semi-Automatic Gas/CO2 Blowback Pistol Package

The advanced KJW Full Steel M1911 Tactical Gas/CO2 blowback pistol is a semi automatic pistol weighing in from less than 3 pounds and is one of the most skillfully crafted M1911 pistols the team on Airsoft Megastore has actually encountered. It features complete metal slide, barrel, plus frame, and as one team member described it: “everything is just right”… from the steel used to craft the slide and frame, to the TanioKoba custom pistol grip. In fact , the grip is one of our own favorite aspects of this pistol; it is one of the best-designed and many comfortable airsoft pistol grabs we’ve ever held. The same as it’s real-life counterpart, this particular gas blowback airsoft pistol (link) provides a ton of power and accuracy. This particular package includes pistol, guide, one gas magazine, and another CO2 magazine.

WE Tech Full Metal Desert Warrior 4. 3 M1911 Hi-Capa Semi-Auto Gas Blowback Pistol Package w/ 2 Fuel Magazines

The new full metal WE Desert Warrior M1911 gas blowback pistol is one of the best looking M1911 gasoline blowback pistols currently available in the marketplace. This pistols boasts an upgraded internals and competition-grade complete metal slide designed to absorb recoil as well as increase power and accuracy. It features a metal frame, a distinctive polymer hand grip, along with a full metal lower rail, as well as a threaded barrel tip, so that you can easily add a standard 14mm CCW-Threaded silencer. The chamber, safety, slide cease, hammer, trigger and clip or barrel are also quality-manufactured from reinforced metal. The result is a gun that accurately replicates the solid feel of a real M1911. This package includes pistol, instruction manual, and two gasoline magazines.

Sig Sauer Airsoft Full Metal Licensed P226 Semi-Auto Gas Blowback Pistol

The most astounding thing in regards to the Sig P226 is that it has the capacity to hit tight groupings calculating 2 . 0 inches or even less at 25 feet. That is absolutely unparalleled performance for an airsoft replica gun. Hey – most real firearms don’t perform that will well. Not only that, this airsoft pistol packs plenty of strength, chrono’ing in at a 383 FPS. If you are looking for the optimum balance of accuracy, power, and reliability, this is the airsoft pistol for you. The full metallic Sauer P226 semi-automatic fuel blowback pistol is easily probably the most hard hitting, realistic Airsoft gas blowback pistols we’ve ever experienced. This deal comes with fully licensed Sig Sauer P226 blowback pistol, one 26-rd magazine, as well as the operation manual
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