How to Repair Fiberglass Cracks on Boats

Discovering fiberglass cracks on a boat is every boat owner’s nightmare. Although fiberglass can be considered as a sturdy type of material, cracks cannot be avoided due to the constant stress a boat can encounter on sea. Every year, maintenance costs can set back hundreds of dollars on a boat owner’s wallet. But this need not be the case anymore. If you’re a boat owner looking for a way to maintain your boat without having to spend so much money on it, then why not learn how to repair fiberglass cracks on boats yourself?

Do you want to know how to repair fiberglass cracks on boats? Then you need to need to know the basics about fiberglass first. You have to understand that the advantage with fiberglass is that it is one of those materials that are easy to fix. You don’t need to order in special supplies or tools just to get started. Most of the things you will need to know how to repair fiberglass cracks on boats are readily available in your tool shed.

To get started, you have to check the cracks on your boat if it is just a simple stress crack or if it is a void. It’s really easy to differentiate between the two. A stress crack looks just like a crack an eggshell could get. As soon as you find a crack on your boat, try to get it repaired immediately so that the crack will not cause further damage that will be more difficult to fix. As for a void, you’ll be able to assess a void by touching it.
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If it feels like there’s a dip on any smooth part of the boat, then most likely it is a void.

Knowing how to repair fiberglass involves having a little know how on how to use a sander or buffer. A sander or buffer is needed to ground out the stress and any other damages the boat has achieved. After achieving a smooth surface on the damaged part then it would be the perfect time to start applying the new fiberglass. Always follow instructions included with different solutions you’ll need so you can start applying the new fiberglass. Make sure you choose a crack sealant that is both affordable and very effective so you are able to get your money’s worth.